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Using colour with confidence

      What makes the colours in this photo of the Glasshouse border at RHS Wisley look so great together? The glowing yellow and orange heleniums practically hum with energy against the rich purple and deep blue of the Eupatorium and Veronicastrum. The reason for this effect is that orange and blue are complementary colours, as are yellow and purple.… Read more →

Be careful what you ask for

Back when I was an engineer working on construction sites, I always hoped that we would come across an exciting archaeological find when the foundations were being dug – Roman remains, perhaps, or a buried stash of gold coins. Disastrous for the project programme, I know, but it would have been fun. Anyway, today I had my own little archaeological… Read more →

Mud, mud, glorious mud…

I am covered in mud. My tools are covered in mud. My boots have so much mud on them that the soles are an inch thicker than usual. I have spent most of the past week planting in the rain – 650 plants in three days! (There were three of us doing it, I hasten to add – I’m not… Read more →