Healing gardens

I have been working on a planting design for a small courtyard area which is part of an obstetrician/gynaecologist’s consulting rooms, and this seemed like a good opportunity to do some research into colours and their effects on health. While I would certainly go along with the notion that colour can influence mood, it seems that colour therapy is still… Read more →

Snowdrops on schedule

Last September I planted my first ever snowdrops, about twenty-five Galanthus nivalis bulbs. Not having been efficient enough to order them ‘in the green’ earlier in the year, I had to make do with bulbs from my local garden centre, and having heard the doom-and-gloom stories from other gardeners about how poor the germination rates are for shop-bought bulbs, I… Read more →

Christmas hyacinths (or not…)

What with the blanket of snow and ice that’s been covering everything in the garden for the past couple of weeks, I’ve had to look indoors for signs that things are still growing. Way back in September when the sun was still shining, I planted three hyacinth bulbs in pots for forcing, so that I would have flowers at Christmas.… Read more →

Tree planting in Blondin Park

I’m feeling a bit stiff today, thanks to a day spent planting trees yesterday as part of the Blondin Park Community Tree Planting Day. About forty or fifty volunteers turned up on a chilly Sunday morning to plant fruit trees which included hazel, apple, mulberry, fig and quince, provided through a grant from the London Tree and Woodland Grant Scheme.… Read more →

Blooming roses

I have been diligently feeding and deadheading the roses in the garden of one of my clients all summer, and they have been responding magnificently! One beautiful yellow Arthur Bell rose (did you know it was named for the man who created Bell’s Whisky?) is still flowering in late November and looks set to go on into December, although I… Read more →